Design Development Workshop

Now that you have been to a beginners workshop and have learnt the basic skills, you are probably ready to experiment with different threads, mix in some wire work, work with a mixture of semi-precious stones and other media such as wood, metal and crystals.

This is what we do at the Design Development workshop. Ideas of items you could do will be featured in our website, although your designs could be totally different!

You will learn

A few techniques which could enhance your work, depending on the materials you choose to work with.


You should be able to make a pair of earrings, a necklace and bracelet.

All materials and equipment will be supplied. However, you might already have some components you wish to use, and you are welcome to bring them for your design. Don’t forget to bring any glasses you might need for close work!

The workshop will last 2 hours. Cost £30 including all components and use of all equipment.